Bloody Daughter

Martha Argerich and Stephen Kovacevich through the eyes of their daughter Stéphanie

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Martha Argerich


Stephen Kovacevich

Lyda Chen

Annie Dutoit

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In this moving portrait, see two legends of piano, Martha Argerich and Stephen Kovacevich, through the eyes of their daughter Stéphanie. Bloody Daughter (a nickname given to Stéphanie by her father) is a deeply intimate exploration of the family and their entourage, touching on broader questions about the relationship between musicians' lives and careers.

What is it like to have an artist as a parent? How are musicians' personal lives created, shaped, and damaged by their careers? As the daughter of two internationally-renowned pianists, filmmaker Stéphanie Argerich has led a life steeped in these questions. Her documentary explores her and her parents' lives with an honesty encapsulated by the film's title: Stéphanie is their "bloody" daughter, with "bloody" used in all of its complex set of means, from affection to frustration, sadness to anger, from love to resentment. Meet the family and their entourage in their everyday lives, in rehearsals, performances, intimate conversations, and personal anecdotes in this truly unique look at a truly singular family. 

My parents are normal human beings, but I see their extraordinary dimension. It's crazy to move from one of us to the other, to show the scared little girl in the wings, then the master performer on stage! When I say that she is a goddess, it's not necessarliy a joke. I think about Greek mythology, all these gods who have monstrous powers yet, at the same time, very human strengths and weaknesses with which we can identify...  – Stéphanie Argerich.

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