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concert Zoroastro – Io, Giacomo Casanova A Musical Film by Gianni Di Capua

A Musical Film by Gianni Di Capua

Zoroastro – Io, Giacomo Casanova A Musical Film by Gianni Di Capua


In this beautiful film by Gianni Di Capua, the actress Galatea Ranzi gives voice to Giacomo Casanova who, in 1751, worked on a translation of Rameau’s opera Zoroastre. She is accompanied by Theresia Youth Baroque Orchestra, under the direction of Claudio Astronio.

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  • Galatea Ranzi | Actor (Giacomo Casanova)
  • Martina Tardi | Soprano
  • Andrés Montilla Acurero | Tenor
  • Olivier Déjean | Bass
  • Carlotta Plebs | Dancer
  • Theresia Youth Baroque Orchestra
  • Claudio Astronio | Conductor


  • Jean-Philippe Rameau, Zoroastre
    • Ouverture
    • I, 1: Prélude - À l’heureux Abramane (Zopire, Narbanor)
    • I, 1: Air vif. En rondeau - Non, je ne puis assez punir (Abramane)
    • I, 1: Et nos dieux et le peuple (Zopire)
    • I, 2: Princesse, avec Phaerès (Abramane, Érenice)
    • I, 2: Duo: Unissons nos fureurs/Des Bactriens l’ingrate entraînaint! (Abramane, Érenice)


  • Directed by:
    • Gianni Di Capua
  • Production date: 2016
  • Duration: 1 h 09 min
  • Production: © BLIQ Srl
  • Available version(s): FR
  • Available subtitle(s) : EN, IT
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