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concert NEW VOD: Lionel Meunier conducts Purcell's King Arthur St. Augustine Church, Antwerp

St. Augustine Church, Antwerp

NEW VOD: Lionel Meunier conducts Purcell's King Arthur St. Augustine Church, Antwerp


There's no time like the present to rediscover this dramatick opera by Purcell, uncontested master of English Baroque opera! Dramatick is, indeed, the right word to describe this Restoration-era tour de force: joy and sorrow, flames of love and the icy grip of winter all battle it out in the course of the action, enhanced by Purcell's brilliant textures and vocal and instrumental techniques.

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  • Simon Robson | Narrator
  • Vox Luminis
  • Lionel Meunier | Conductor


  • Henry Purcell, King Arthur, Z.628
    • Ouverture
    • Act I
    • I: "Woden, first to thee"
    • I: "The white horse neigh'd alourd"
    • I: "The lot is cast, and Tanfan's pleas'd"
    • I: "Brave souls, to be renown'd in story"
    • I: "I call you all to Woden's Hall"
    • I: "Come if you dare"
    • Act II
    • II: "Hither, this way, this way bend"
    • II: "Let not a moonborn elf mislead ye"
    • II: "Come, follow me"
    • II: "How blest are shepherds"
    • II: "Shepherd, shepherd, leave decoying"
    • II: "Come, shepherds, lead up a lively measure"
    • II: Air
    • Act III
    • III: Prelude
    • III: "What ho! Thou genius of this isle"
    • III: Prelude while the Cold Genius rises
    • III: "What power art thou"
    • III: "Thou doting fool"
    • III: "Great love, I know thee now"
    • III: "No part of my dominion"
    • III: "Prelude"
    • III: "See, see, we assemble"
    • III: "Tis I that have warm'd ye"
    • III: "Sound a parley"
    • III: Hornpipe
    • Act IV
    • IV: "Two daughters of this aged stream are we"
    • IV: "How happy the lover"
    • IV: "For love every creature"
    • IV: "In vain are our graces"
    • IV: Air
    • Act V
    • V: "Ye blust'ring brethren of the skies"
    • V: "Symphony"
    • V: "Round thy coast"
    • V: "For folded folks, and fruitful plains"
    • V: "Your hay it is mow'd"
    • V: "Fairest Isle"
    • V: "You say ti's Love"
    • V: Trumpet tune
    • V: "Saint George"
    • V: "Our natives not alone appear"
    • V: "Chaconne"


  • Directed by:
    • Patrick Lauze
  • Venue: AMUZ (Flanders Festival Antwerp) (Antwerp, Belgium)
  • Production date: 2018
  • Duration: 2 h 01 min
  • Production: © Les Films Figures Libre / Mezzo
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