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Viennese Night at the BBC Proms

BBC Proms, 1974-1979 – With James Loughran, Walter Susskind and János Fürst

Viennese Night at the BBC Proms BBC Proms, 1974-1979 – With James Loughran, Walter Susskind and János Fürst


Themed evenings have been a feature of Proms history. From the very first season of the Promenade Concerts in 1895, through the lifespan of the Henry Wood Promenade Concerts to the BBC Proms over a century later, there have been Wagner nights, Beethoven nights and, since 1947, Viennese nights on a regular basis. In post-war Britain these proved to be immensely popular, with conductors such as Malcolm Sargent, John Barbirolli, John Pritchard and Vilém Tausky (sadly, not preserved on film) turning Viennese Night at the Proms into light-hearted musical events whose spirit and atmosphere rivalled those of the traditional Last Night of the Proms in tems of the audience's uninhibited and vociferous participative enjoyment of 'typical' Viennese music – the waltzes, marches and polkas of the Strauss dynasty, Lehár and von Suppé, among others.

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  • Johann Strauss II, Die Fledermaus
    • Overture
  • Johann Strauss II, Thunder and Lightning. Polka, Op. 24
  • Johann Strauss II, Pizzicato-Polka
  • Johann Strauss II, Roses from the South. Waltz, Op. 388
  • Johann Strauss II, Die Fledermaus
    • 'Klänge der Heimat' (Csardas)
    • 'Mein Herr Marquis' (Laughing Song)
  • Franz Lehár, Gold and Silver, Op. 79
  • Johann Strauss II, Light of Heart, Op. 319
  • Johann Strauss II, Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka, Op. 214
  • Johann Strauss II, The Gipsy Baron
    • Overture
    • March
  • Johann Strauss II, Pleasure Train, Op. 281
  • Johann Strauss II, Perpetuum mobile, Op. 257
  • Johann Strauss II, On the Beautiful, Blue Danube
  • Johann Strauss I, Radetzky March


  • Venue: Royal Albert Hall (London, Great Britain)
  • Production date: 2011
  • Recording date: 1974-1979
  • Duration: 1 h 21 min
  • Production: © BBC Worldwide Limited, under licence to International Classical Artists Ltd
  • Available version(s): EN


  • Hallé Orchestra
  • James Loughran | Conductor
  • Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  • BBC Symphony Orchestra
  • Walter Susskind | Conductor
  • BBC Northern Symphony Orchestra
  • János Fürst | Conductor
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