Seven-Part Bach Cycle (V/VII) – With Raphaël Pichon, Ensemble Pygmalion, Maïlys de Villoutreys, Tomáš Král...

Part V: The Depths

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Maïlys de Villoutreys — Soprano

William Shelton — Alto

Reinoud Van Mechelen — Tenor

Tomáš Král — Baritone

Ensemble Pygmalion

Raphaël Pichon — Director

Program notes

In 2017, Raphaël Pichon and his ensemble Pygmalion present Bach in Seven Parts, an unprecedented cycle of cantatas by the beloved Cantor of Leipzig in concert. "The Depths," the fifth installment of the series, features soloists: Kateryna Kasper, William Shelton, Reinoud Van Mechelen, and Tomáš Král.

While Bach's cantatas may be grounded in particular religious practices of 18th century Lutheran Germany, today the works are considered a vital part of our global musical heritage, treasured beyond the bounds of any particular culture or religion. The cycle Bach in Seven Parts presents selected cantatas in seven concerts, with each concert featuring one universal theme that sheds new light on Bach's music.

Based in a humanist perspective, our approach does not erase the religious subject of these cantatas, but emphasizes above all Johann Sebastian Bach's message of humanity, hope, and light. – Raphaël Pichon

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