James Galway plays Vivaldi's Six flute concertos — With I Solisti Veneti

At Venice's Doge's Palace

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Sir James Galway — Flutist

Lady Jeanne Galway — Flutist

I Solisti Veneti

Claudio Scimone — Conductor

Program notes

Through the skilled musicianship of celebrated soloist James Galway, Vivaldi's six Flute Concertos ring out amidst frescos by Tintoret, Veronese, Tiepolo, Titian, and Hieronymus Bosch. At Venice's suptumous Doge's Palace, the mythological allegories decorating the walls and ceilings enter into revealing dialogue with these early masterworks from the Venetian composer. After nine works dedicated almost entirely to the violin—his instrument—Vivaldi turned his attention to the flute, bringing out the agility and lyricism of the instrument and drawing on the descriptive, pictorial language of the Four Seasons to evoke elements like birdsong, or a maritime storm...

Photography : Matteo Colombo © Getty Images

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