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The Most Beautiful Movie Soundtracks

Music and cinema share a world together. In the early days, when films were still silent, musicians used to play live in the dark of the cinema. Since then, classical music has settled in the movie soundtracks of the greatest blockbusters. The evocative power of music is so strong that even a few notes can bring back an entire scene to the spectator's mind. So many indelible cinematographic memories are inseparable from the melodies heard in the background. Indeed, it is hard to imagine Death in Venice without Mahler's Adagietto, or the flying helicopters in Apocalypse Now without Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries... Not to mention the work of contemporary composers: What's Star Wars without John Williams's iconic score, or James Bond without his famous theme tune?

Discover here a selection of the best movie soundtracks which have left a mark on the history of cinema.