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ballet Si JE t’M An original choreography by Christine Coudun

An original choreography by Christine Coudun

Si JE t’M An original choreography by Christine Coudun


The Black Blanc Beur company, officially established in 1984 in an underground car park, began in 1979 when John Djemad and Christine Coudun met. It took a new turn in 1982 with the arrival of hip-hop in France.

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  • Christine Coudun | Choreographer
  • Iffra Dia | Assistant choreographer
  • Marilyn Berry | Assistant choreographer
  • Patrick Florès | Lighting designer
  • Olga Papp | Costume designer
  • Hardcore Session | Costume designer
  • Franz Cadiche | Dancer
  • Adilson Horta de Sousa | Dancer
  • François Kaleka | Dancer
  • Laurent Kong a Siou | Dancer
  • Magali Lefay | Dancer
  • Valentine Nagata | Dancer
  • Emilie Schram | Dancer
  • Vo Trung Ngon Lowriz | Dancer
  • Jennifer Suire | Dancer
  • Manuella Bollegue | Dancer
  • La Compagnie Black Blanc Beur


  • Christine Coudun, Si Je t'M


  • Directed by:
    • Eric Legay
  • Production date: 2006
  • Duration: 53 min
  • Production: © Black Blanc Beur company, Des pas des figures
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