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Claudio Abbado

Claudio Abbado

  • June 26, 1933 Milan - January 20, 2014 Bologna


Claudio Abbado, a visionary conductor

Abbado’s statement of intent has been borne out in a lifetime of revelatory performances and recordings. Familiar music, whether by Beethoven, Mussorgsky or Debussy, has been given fresh colour, clarity and rhythmic vitality, while neglected scores by Verdi, Rossini and others have taken their rightful place in the repertoire again. Anti-autocratic, profoundly human and supremely musical, Abbado has striven to place music within the wider artistic context as well as championing 20th-century figures from the giants of the Second Viennese School to the leading composers of modern Italy and making his personal exploration of the symphonic world of Mahler.

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