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Фестиваль в Вербье: за кулисами Фестиваль в Вербье 2013

Фестиваль в Вербье 2013

Фестиваль в Вербье: за кулисами Фестиваль в Вербье 2013

В нескольких словах

"Music is a language that belongs to everybody" (Kent Nagano)
"With medici.tv, I'm in good hands!" (Menahem Pressler)

You have been following the Verbier Festival on medici.tv but do you know how the video recording is made? A team is filming the concert, while another team is in charge of recording the sound. All this becomes a digital signal which is encoded and broadcast by another production team! Those people you never see on screen made this series of concerts possible!

Medici.tv takes you backstage, in the truck where the concerts are filmed to meet director Anaïs Spiro and members of the technical team. The artists you saw performing at Verbier and whom you got to know in the interviews are also here, to tell what they think of medici.tv.

So next time you are watching a performance, keep in mind that Yuja Wang, Charles Dutoit or Martin Fröst might be watching it as well!

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С участием


  • Режиссёр
    • Тим Бургесс
  • Год выхода: 2013
  • Продолжительность: 5 min
  • Компания: © MUSEEC/medici.tv
  • Доступная(-ые) версия(-и): EN
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