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Пинхас Цукерман: Here to Make Music

Фильм Кристофера Нупена

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О программе

By the time Christopher Nupen made this documentary, Pinchas Zukerman was already considered one of the most exceptional new talents the world had seen in 25 years. Born with a gift from nature, polished by years of work and between the ages of 7 and 17, the best teaching that could possibly be found, he established himself as a leading violinist with an international career before he was 21.

A close friend of the movie director – who notably worked with him for the films The Trout, Mozart by Zukerman, the two Grand Duo recordings shot at the Royal College of Music with Itzhak Perlman – Pinchas Zukerman lets Christopher Nupen follow him in his personal routine, and in a very casual and friendly way shares his passion for music while a portrait of him is being drawn. This film not only discovers the immense sense of fun Zukerman is capable of, but is also richly documented with archive materials and investigations in the youthful years of the violinist.


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