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Паскаль Комелад, анекдотическая топография

Портрет интригующего и трогательного французского композитора

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Pascal Comelade

О программе

Cécile Patingre presents a stunning documentary on the Catalan pianist and composer Pascal Comelade.

Pascal Comelade is an enigmatic artist, whose influences are as varied as his music. An offbeat pianist and a singular composer, the man of the mountain sets aside his instruments in this documentary to discuss his work, opening the doors of his “great mess” of a musical universe. Discreet, the eclectic composer rarely goes out in public, and when he does is always surrounded by a retenue. In the end its through his friends, his music, and the reassuring shadows of the eastern Pyrenees, cradle of his characteristic creative chaos, that he reveals himself. Don't miss this intimate and confessional film.

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Cécile Patingre
Год выхода: 1999
Продолжительность: 56 min
Компания: © Paris Première – Sombrero Productions
Разрешение: SD