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док. фильм Опералия Музика


Опералия Музика

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Milan, La Scala and Plácido Domingo – all together for Operalia, the prestigious world opera competition.

It was founded by the legendary Spanish tenor, who conducted the orchestra, and put heart and soul into finding the finest young performers of today, and maybe the Major stars of tomorrow. He told euronews: "Talent cannot remain hidden, you know I mean it comes out. But we can with the competition bring it to the eyes of the public and make the way easier to the career which is tough and difficult. This is one of my great satisfactions, to be able to continue a chain of singers from generation to generation. So it makes me very happy."

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  • Год выхода: 2010
  • Дата записи: 2010
  • Продолжительность: 4 min
  • Компания: © Euronews
  • Доступная(-ые) версия(-и): FR, EN
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