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Моцарт: Милосердие Тита

Снова у Шедевра

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Сьюзен Грэм — Sesto

Кристоф Прегардьен — Tito

Ханна Эстер Минутилло — Annio

Катерина Наглештад — Vitellia

Роланд Брахт — Publio

Екатерина Сюрина — Servilia

Хор Национальной оперы Парижа

Питер Бериан

Оркестр Парижской национальной оперы

Сильвен Камбрелен

О программе

Through this documentary, we can discover the backstage of a very special opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: La clemenza di Tito. The masterpiece was given in the Palais Garnier (Paris) in 2005 with great singers such as Susan Graham (Sesto) or Christoph Prégardien (Tito). All the people who participated to the production are given an opportunity to explain their vision of the work. A unique occasion for us to understand why this work was considered as provocative, or why the musical aspect of the composition is so modern.


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