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Культовый фильм Кена Рассела о композиторе Густаве Малере

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Роберт Пауэлл — Gustav Mahler
Джорджина Хейл — Alma Mahler
Ли Монтегю — Bernhard Mahler
Мириам Карлин — Aunt Rosa
Розали Кратчли — Marie Mahler
Гари Рич — Young Gustav
Ричард Морант — Max
Анджела Даун — Justine Mahler
Антония Эллис — Cosima Wagner
Рональд Пикап — Nick
Питер Айр — Otto Mahler
Дана Гиллеспи — Anna von Mildenburg
Джордж Кулурис — Doctor Roth
Дэвид Коллингс — Hugo Wolf
Арнольд Ярров — Grandfather
Дэвид Тревена — Doctor Richter
Илэйн Делмар — Princess
Бенни Ли — Uncle Arnold

О программе

Nominated at Cannes for the Palme d'Or in 1974, Mahler is unquestionably one of Ken Russell's most beautiful movies.

The story takes place in 1911, shedding light on the last days of Gustav Mahler. Mahler was fifty when he conducted his last concert at the New York Philharmonic, of which he had been the musical director since 1909. When he was composing his Tenth Symphony, he fell seriously ill. Extremely weakned, he came back to Paris to get treatment, before passing away on May 18, 1911.

In Mahler, Ken Russell uses a lot of flashbacks, showing a poor child suffering from his father's anger; a young musician frustrated by antisemetism and about to convert to catholicism; a husband tough with his wife whom he cherishes a lot; and a caring and loving father devastated by the death of his daughter.


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Кен Расселл
Год выхода: 1974
Продолжительность: 1 h 50 min
Компания: © Goodtimes Enterprises Ltd
Разрешение: SD