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Юлия Варади

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An exceptional soprano, Julia Varady is one of the most beautiful voices of the 20th century.

She is beautiful, beautiful in every way: one of the most beautiful voices of the 20th century, one of the finest musical intelligence, one of the best careers and for thirty years, the beautiful spouse of one of the greatest baritones, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau! She is the soprano Julia Varady who fled from her country, Romania, where she was already an outsider since she was of Hungarian origin.

Adopted by the Munich Opera, she starts a perfect career in which she associates an insatiable passion for singing (more than seventy roles in thirty-four years of performing!) with a sense of perfection that she shares with Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau. It is this uncommon personality who has remained outside the media circuits, that Bruno Monsaingeon invites us to discover through her work with Fischer-Dieskau or with the pianist Viktoria Postnikovca, her many different roles on stage and the personal secrets she confides.


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Год выхода: 1998
Продолжительность: 53 min
Компания: © Idéale Audience / La Sept-Arte / Imalyre Groupe France Telecom
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