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Александр Годунов, The World To Dance In)

Портрет советского танцовщика

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Александр Гудунов

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Charismatic, sensual, and unyielding in his quest for artistic independence, Godunov's personal odyssey has led him from a fatherless childhood in Russia to superstardom in the West. His defection, watched by the world in 1979, marked one of many battles fought in the name of freedom by this rebel with a cause, whose discipline and sacrifice have brought him to the top of the international dance world.

Dazzling performances, including duets with Maya Plisetskaya and Cynthia Gregory, complete this total portrait of today's leading male dancer, who frankly discusses a career which has been as tumultuous as it has been brilliant.

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Год выхода: 1983
Продолжительность: 58 min
Компания: © Metromedia, Inc. / Peter Rosen Productions, Inc.
Разрешение: SD