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Dominique Khalfouni: Like a Dream

A documentary by Marlène Ionesco

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First dance slippers at age 4, admission to the Paris Opera Dance School just five years later, Dominique Khalfouni became an étoile dancer in 1976 on the evening she performed the role of Anastasia at the premiere of Ivan the Terrible. She worked with the likes of Roland Petit, Mikhaïl Barychnikov, and the American Ballet Theater, crisscrossing the American continent in the process. Since the 1990s, Dominique Khalfouni has invested her talents in teaching the next generation of dancers, first in Marseille, and then in Paris. In this documentary by Marlène Ionesco, viewers meet both her and her son Matthieu Ganio, another étoile dancer to whom she transmitted her intense passion for the great roles of the ballet repertoire. 


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