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Nowadays, classical music is more popular than ever. This documentary explains how music for the few became music for the many.

Although the aesthetics of staging and broadcasting classical music haven’t changed much within the past 30 years, a parallel universe driven by a new event culture, marketing strategies and stardom has developed. With the first CD in 1982 as the starting point of the popularization of classical music the phenomenon found its peak in the 1990s with the overwhelming success of the “Three Tenors.” This documentary offers a close look at the origin and development of classical music presentation. Interviews with insiders in the field provide a unique insight and outlook on the future of this genre: David Garrett, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Rolando Villazón...

Photo: Three Tenors © IME.

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Гюнтер Аттелн
Год выхода: 2015
Продолжительность: 52 min
Компания: © Accentus Music
Доступные субтитры: EN
Разрешение: Full HD