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Документальный фильм Эрика Легея о труппе «Черный-Белый-Араб» и хореографе Кристин Куден

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La Compagnie Black Blanc Beur
Christine Coudun — Хореограф

О программе

Black Blanc Beur is a pioneering company influenced by the history of the French hip hop movement. To celebrate its 20th birthday, this documentary presents us with a piece of its history to discover.

After 20 years on the scene, French hip hop is at a turning point in its history. Females are still underrepresented within the genre and it is trying to overcome the role of “social integrator” that politicians still want to see it play. Actors in this movement are questioning their future. Conversely, Black Blanc Beur is an avant-garde figure. The proof is the play “Si je t’M”, choreographed by Christine Coudun. It is a piece that presents men and women through their loving relationship. Far from simply training dancers, Christine Coudun is more determined than ever to promote the role of women in hip hop.


Больше информации

Eric Legay
Год выхода: 2004
Продолжительность: 52 min
Компания: © Château-rouge production
Разрешение: SD