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Катнер Соломон и Клаудио Аррау играют Бетховена

Соната № 32, «Апассионата», Op. 111

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Катнер Соломон — Пианист

Клаудио Аррау — Пианист

О программе

Two child prodigies at the piano, with parallel and difficult careers give us a brilliant demonstration of their genius. Moving.

This document is dedicated to two very great masters of the piano, musicians who never made the slightest concession to success. Both were child prodigies, and they made their debuts on stage before the age of ten. On the playbill at the Queen Hall in London announcing the Concerto for Piano No. 1 by Tchaikovsky performed by a child pianist aged eight, all that featured was his first name "Solomon," not his last name Cutner. That remained.

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