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See Me: A Global Concert

A musical film about the power of hope — With Marin Alsop, Yo-Yo Ma, and ensembles from all over the world

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Йо-Йо Ма — Виолончелист
Симфонический оркестр штата Сан-Паулу
William Coelho — Дирижер
Drakensberg Boys Choir
William Krüger — Дирижер
Chamber Orchestra of the Afghanistan National Institute of Music
Benjamin Wu — Дирижер
Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra
Jeri Lynne Johnson — Дирижер
Chen Lin — Дирижер
Orchestra della Toscana

О программе

See Me is an original musical film about the power of hope and connection during a global pandemic. Filmed as a cinematic musical experience, See Me weaves musical contributions by orchestras and choirs in Afghanistan, Austria, Brazil, China, Italy, South Africa and the United States (with an inspiring appearance by Yo-Yo Ma!) into a singular zeitgeist-capturing moment. 

Conceptualized by Marin Alsop (who also directed the music) and Nico Daswani, the film was produced and filmed in the fall of 2020 in the face of the extraordinary challenges of the COVID-19 era as a testament to the perseverance of artists and the universal need for self-expression. Created in collaboration with women conductors and young musicians from around the world, the film gestures toward the possibility of a new, more inclusive post-pandemic era in classical music and beyond. 


Больше информации

Bernadette Wegenstein
Год выхода: 2021
Дата записи: 2020
Продолжительность: 25 min
Компания: © World Economic Forum
Разрешение: Full HD

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