Renee Fleming and Christian Thielemann in a Strauss programme

Wiener Philharmoniker

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О программе

During the prestigious Salzburg Festival, the famous soprano Renée Fleming performs with Christian Thielemann as the Wiener Philharmoniker's conductor.

In 2010, Renée Fleming was named the number one female singer by Salzburger Festspiele Magazin, the official newspapers of the festival.

In 2008, she recorded an album of songs and arias by Richard Strauss, with the same Christian Thielemann. It was critically acclaimed, and the collaboration is now on stage in a similar repertoire.

From Strauss' poetic and intimist lieder to his great Alpensinfonie, this programme explores the multiple character traits of the German composer.

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Renée Fleming appears courtesy of Decca.
Christian Thielemann appears courtesy of Deutsche Grammophon.


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