Оркестр «Процветающие искусства» исполняет Монтеверди: Мадригалы, Книга IV

Полное собрание мадригалов Монтеверди – Пол Эгнью, дирижёр

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Ансамбль «Процветающие искусства» (Les Arts Florissants)

Пол Эгнью — Дирижёр, тенор

Франческа Бонкомпаньи — Сопрано

Мо Нидзаз — Сопрано

Люсиль Ришардо — Contralto

Шон Клэйтон — Тенор

Лисандро Абади — Бас

О программе

Beginning of a second season for the complete Monteverdi madrigals, a project initiated by tenor Paul Agnew and followed by singers of Les Arts Florissants: an even broadcast live from the Cité de la musique in Paris!

It is a gigantic project, programmed on several seasons, that Paul Agnew has initiated. The goal is to give a live performance of the eight books of madrigals by Monteverdi, one at a time, in the right order, and in their complete version. And for each concert, Paul Agnew also picks a few madrigals by other composers, who might have been a source of inspiration for Monteverdi.

This concert will be the occasion to hear the Fourth book, maybe the most pioneering of all books, not very liked by the time it was first premiered.

This concert was part of the complete Monteverdi Madrigals series performed by Les Arts Florissants conducted by Paul Agnew at the Cité de la Musique, the théâtre de Caen and the Valladolid Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes and all through Europe.

Les Arts Florissants are supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, la Ville de Caen and the Région Basse-Normandie. They are in residency at the théâtre de Caen. IMERYS and ALSTOM are the great benefactors of Les Arts Florissants.

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