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Dusapin's Penthesilea

Ariane Matiakh (conductor), Christel Loetzsch (Penthesilea), Marisol Montalvo (Prothoe)...

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Christel Loetzsch — Penthesilea

Марисоль Монтальво — Prothoe

Георг Нигль — Achilleus

Пол Гэй — Odysseus

Noa Frenkel — Oberpriesterin


Richard Wilberforce — Хормейстер

Оркестр Парижа

Ariane Matiakh — Дирижер

О программе

Sensuality and passion at the heart of this wild and breathtaking opera by Pascal Dusapin. Penthesilea draws us into the myth of the title character—Queen of the Amazons and lover of the famed Achilles—who violently disposes of her pretenders once her love is assuaged... The French composer pulls out all the stops and creates a colorful atmosphere with rich orchestral textures and complex rhythms, balanced with vocal lines that range from hauntingly beautiful to animalistic, in a sublime score brilliantly interpreted by a talented cast and an impeccable Orchestre de Paris under the baton of maestra Ariane Matiakh!


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