«Апачи» Хамида бен Махи

Танцевальная труппа Hors-Série

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Хамид Бен Махи — Танцор, хореограф
Sarah Bee — Танцор
Babacar Сиссе — Танцор
Фредерик Фола
Ванесса Пети — Танцор
Salem Mouhajir — Танцор
Yan Péchin — Музыкальный руководитель
Антуан Оже — Художник по свету
Филипп Казабан — Сценография
Эрик Шарбо — Сценография
Каролина Брок — Художник по костюмам
Стефан Аббу — Монтаж

О программе

How did Apache come about? If you ask Hamid Ben Mahi, he will say: “In Je tuerai la pianiste, Bashung sings in French ‘I’m an Apache, I'm an Indian, who was led to believe that we should hide our pain.’ There was the idea of talking to a tribe of Apaches, indigenous people, and talking about the states of the body they share, such as anger and abandonment [...]”.

Apache is a crossover between two seemingly contrasting cultures: Rock and Hip Hop. It is an opportunity to break down barriers in hip hop, to dare to defy the taboos of urban culture (sensuality, sexuality, fragility, etc.), to continue blending dance styles, to make audiences see hip hop dancing in a different light, to look at it from a different angle, and to take a better approach to the artistic world of the choreographer.

The concert is accompanied by ambiance tracks, which are so characteristic of the world of Bashung. The singer’s musical works, reworked by his own musicians, form the backdrop to this story, and frame it.


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Eric Legay
Год выхода: 2014
Продолжительность: 54 min
Компания: © Des Pas Des Figures / Telessonne / Gie Grand Ouest Régie Television / Cela TV
Разрешение: Full HD