Triangle of the Squinches by Alonzo King, music by Mickey Hart

Alonzo King LINES Ballet

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Алонзо Кинг — Хореограф, художественный руководитель
Axel Morgenthaler — Художник по свету
Christopher Haas — Художник-постановщик
Robert Rosenwasser — Костюмы
Alonzo King LINES Ballet
David Harvey — Танцор
Courtney Henry — Танцовщица
Yujin Kim — Танцовщица
Victor M. Arellano — Танцор
Michael Montgomery — Танцор
Caroline Rocher — Танцовщица
Zack Tang — Танцор
Meredith Webster — Танцовщица
Keelan Whitmore — Танцор
Kara Wilkes — Танцовщица
Ricardo Zayas — Танцор

О программе

World-renowned choreographer Alonzo King founded the LINES Ballet in San Francisco in 1982 and, over the decades, has established a reputation as one of the most exciting names in the ballet world, refining a highly kinetic, sensual, and finely wrought architectural style of dance. In this visually arresting 2012 production, Triangle of the Squinches, King’s choreography builds on architect Christopher Haas’s striking set pieces—a wall of elastic strings that both inhibit and liberate movement, and carefully arranged cardboard planks—that enhance and inform the dancers’ movements, allowing them to play with geometric configurations.

Mickey Hart, one time drummer for the Grateful Dead, has dedicated years of study to the fields of ethnomusicology, world music (he won the very first Grammy Award for Best World Music Album in 1991), and the history of drumming. His openness and his willingness to experiment with new inspirations and avant-garde soundscapes results in richly evocative creations like this unusual and immersive ballet score, replete with sounds both terrestrial (rainforests) and celestial (cosmic vibrations).


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Андреас Морелл
Место: LINES Dance Center (San Francisco, США)
Год выхода: 2012
Продолжительность: 1 h 2 min
Компания: © Monarda Arts
Разрешение: Full HD