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Отто Клемперер

Отто Клемперер

  • 14 мая 1885 г. Breslau (Germany) - 6 июля 1973 г. Zurich (Swiss)


Otto Klemperer made his debut in 1906 with a presentation of Orphée aux enfers by Offenbach. A year later, he met Gustav Mahler, who arranged a post as choirmaster of the German Opera in Prague for him. After a brief time there, he was nominated director of music and made his debut with von Weber's Der Freischütz. In 1910, he was nominated director of music of the City Theatre in Hamburg, again at Mahler's instigation. From 1913 to 1914, he was conductor in Barmen; he was in Strasbourg from 1914 to 1917 at Hans Pfitzner's instigation. He then went to Cologne and became chief musical director there in 1923; in 1920, he conducted the première of Die tote Stadt von Korngold in Cologne.

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