Macbeth de Verdi

Dmitri Tcherniakov (puesta en escena), Teodor Currentzis (director) — Con Violeta Urmana (Lady Macbeth), Dimitris Tiliakos (Macbeth), Ferruccio Furlanetto (Banquo) ...

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Dmitri Tcherniakov — Director de escena, escenografía y vestuario

Gleb Filshtinsky — Iluminador

Dimitris Tiliakos — Macbeth

Violeta Urmana — Lady Macbeth

Ferruccio Furlanetto — Banco

Letitia Singleton — Lady Macbeth's Dame

Stefano Secco — Macduff

Alfredo Nigro — Malcolm

Yuri Kissin — Doctor/Servant

Coro del Teatro Nacional de la Ópera de París

Maîtrise des Hauts-de-Seine / Coro de niños de la Ópera Nacional de París

Alessandro di Stefano — Director de coro

Orquesta de la Ópera Nacional de París

Teodor Currentzis — Director

Sobre el programa...

Rediscover Verdi's Macbeth in the company of two exceptional, iconoclastic artists: stage director Dmitri Tcherniakov and maestro Teodor Currentzis! There are no witches to be found in this production at the Paris Opera, but there is a deliciously icy and claustrophobic atmosphere which—coupled with a multimedia installation displaying satellite images of Earth—adds to the uncanny sensation of losing one's bearings.

Verdi's immortal score is interpreted to perfection by the esteemed Paris Opera Orchestra, while the stately costumes and minimalist set design craft a starkly realistic world in which the soloists let their talents unfold, including the dynamic Dimitris Tiliakos in the title role and the legendary Violeta Urmana as Lady Macbeth, coursing ineluctably toward their tragic ends in this grandiose and moving production.

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