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Master class de Sander Sittig (II/III)

Sonata para piano n.° 30 op. 109 de Beethoven, primer y segundo movimientos

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Sander Sittig — Maestro, pianista

Daniele Riscica — Pianista

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Award-winning Dutch pianist and accompanist Sander Sittig gives a master class at the Villa Sandra Lesa in Lesa, Italy, working with Daniele Riscica on the first and second movements of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 30, Op. 109.

The Piano Sonata No. 30 in E major, Op. 109 is the first of Beethoven's last three piano sonatas, Opp. 109, 110, and 111, composed from 1820 to 1822. All three sonatas show evidence of a genre transformed into a medium for profound and personal musical expression. In Op. 109, the sonata form has become diffuse, with a first movement alternating between Vivace and Adagio, a second movement marked by characteristics associated more with first movements, and a finale that is a set of variations.

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