Master classe

Master class de Ram Oren (II/II)

Concierto para trompeta en mi bemol mayor de Neruda, primer movimiento

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Ram Oren — Profesor, trompetista
Arik Amitay — Trompetista
Pazit Gal — Pianista

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The great Israeli trumpeter Ram Oren works with Arik Amitay on the first movement of Neruda's Concerto in E-flat Major in a master class at the Ra'anana Music Centre in Ra'anana, Israel.

Composed around 1750 in Dresden, Neruda's Concerto in E-flat Major was actually written for horn: at the court in Dresden the composer met some of the greatest horn virtuosos of the day, and for them he composed an immensely demanding solo concerto that features the requires hornists to remain almost entirely in their instrument's upper clarino register. When played on the modern trumpet however, the tessitura is rendered an asset rather than a challenge, and once adopted by trumpeters, the work became one of the best-loved concertos of their repertoire.

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Dirigido por:
Oren Segal
Sede: Raanana Music Centre (Ra'anana, Israel)
Año de producción: 2015
Duración: 37 min
Producción: © iClassical Academy
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