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The Sound of Cinema – Conversation with Simone Menezes

Venice Film Festival 2022

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Simone Menezes

Stéphane Le Rouge — Presentador

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Get to know Italo-Brazilian maestra Simone Menezes, a brilliant and multitalented artist with personality to spare! The central focus of this exciting interview with Menezes and Stéphane Le Rouge, recorded at the 2022 Venice International Film Festival is, of course, film music: the musician opens up about her path, her plans, and her experience in the world of cinema and cinematic music.

Born in Brazil, Menezes began her studies in her birth country before continuing them in Paris. A conductor of renown, she has undertaken many innovative and politically engaged projects at the crossroads of multiple artistic domains, such as Forêt d'Amazonie, which combines classical and contemporary music with visual arts.

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