Ziv Ravitz in Zurich

Moods Jazz Association 2020

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Christophe Panzani — Saxofonista

Federico Casagrande — Guitarrista

Ziv Ravitz — Baterista

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Zig Ravitz and his fellow musicians rise to the summit of modern jazz during this concert at Moods in Zurich. Born in Israel, he began his career as a drummer aged 13 and latter became recognized as a stalwart of contemporary jazz. This concert, performed in 2017 allowed him to collate some of his most loved pieces from the vast list of his impressive works.

He made his name alongside Shai Maestro, with whom he founded the Shai Maestro trio in 2011. The final member of the of the trio is bassist Jorge Roeder, who was deemed to be pivotal in the rebirth of modern jazz. Without the compositions of Maestro or Ravitz, the whole genre of contemporary jazz would lack a fundamental piece in its ever expanding jigsaw. 

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