Steven Bernstein Sexmob in Nevers

D'Jazz Nevers Festival 2011

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Steven Bernstein — Trompetista, trombonista
Briggan Krauss — Saxofón alto
Tony Scherr — Bajista
Kenny Wollesen — Baterista, vibráfono

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With the elegant and wailing sound of his slide trumpet, Steven Bernstein captures the attention of the audience at the 2011 D'Jazz Nevers Festival 2011. An hyperactive trumpeter from New York, the virtuoso has worked with the greatest names in jazz : Sam Rivers, Aretha Franklin, Roswell Rudd, and many more. Here, with his band Sexmob, he performs jazz standards and pop classics, while showcasing his breathtaking technique.

A particularly rare instrument, the slide trumpet, also called soprano trombone, dates back to the 17th century but has been sparsely used by composers and performers alike. For Bernstein, its discovery was a revolution : "with the slide trumpet, you have complete freedom. There’s not really anyone to compare your sound to. And that lack of comparisons gave me the freedom to not worry much about what other people did before me."

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Año de producción: 2011
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