The Sound of New York, Damion Reid

A documentary by Gloria Rebecchi

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Damion Reid — Baterista

Ashley Kahn — Presentador

Mark Turner — Saxofonista

Matt Brewer — Contrabajista

Jess Birch — Presentador

Liberty Ellman — Guitarrista

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"Controlled fury," "Microscopically-controlled beats" ... Damion Reid is known as a drummer who possesses real power, but restrains and channels it nonetheless. This profile, directed by Gloria Rebecchi as part of the brilliant Sound of New York documentary series, pictures an individual who consciously decided to tackle the drums as a young man, like a matador confronting a bull: "The drums were fascinating, they became more alluring and difficult. It was the exploration of the instrument, knowing that there is so much more to learn ... that is one of the biggest highs ever."

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Tuesday, June 30, 2026