Roberto Fonsceca «Yo» en Francia

Jazz à Vienne 2013

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Roberto Fonseca — Cantante, director musical, pianista, electronics, tecladista

Jorge Chicoy — Guitarra eléctrica, ukulele

Mamadou Cherif Soumano — Percusionista, percusionista

Joel Hierrezuelo — Cantante, percusionista

Yandy Martinez — Bajista, contrabajista

Ramses Rodriguez — Baterista

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Cuban pianist and composer Roberto Fonseca is one of today's leading jazz and Afro-Cuban musicians. Born in Havana in a musical family, he achieved worldwide fame as the pianist of the now legendary Buena Vista Social Club as well as singer Ibrahim Ferrer's band. During this concert held during the 2013 edition of the Jazz à Vienne festival, Fonseca and his group perform songs from his Yo album (meaning "I" or "me" in Spanish). The work notably casts a new gaze on the pianist's musical roots that shines a light on the diversity of the virtuso's influences. With this project he succeds in bringing together a masterful mix of elements drawn from such varied traditions as jazz, Afro-Cuban music, funk, and African folk music.

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