Laurent De Wilde in Zurich

Moods Jazz Association 2018

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Laurent de Wilde — Pianista

Jérôme Regard — Contrabajista

Donald Kontoumanou — Baterista

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In 2019 in Zurich, pianist Laurent de Wilde paid an impacting and innovative hommage to the genius of Thelonious Monk. Originally from Washington but living in France since the 1960’s, de Wilde is as much philosopher as he is musician. He studied at the École normale supérieure from age 21 and displayed a real admiration of Monk by publishing a biography of the illustrious virtuoso in 1996. During this large scale yet minimalist performance, de Wilde pays further tribute to arguably the greatest pianist of the last century. 

However, the artist, winner of the Victoires du Jazz in 1998, doesn’t just limit this concert to the repertoire of Monk. He also reshapes the latter's works into his own style, with his own sensibilities and with his own modern influences. Every piece is an opportunity for de Wilde to recall some anecdotes from the life of his former mentor and share them with the public with humour and respect, and this performance is given with a touching sincerity.

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