Grégoire Maret in Bielsko-Biała

Lotos Jazz Festival 2013

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Grégoire Maret — Armónica
Federico González Peña — Pianista
Robert Kubiszin — Bajista
Clarence Penn — Baterista

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With the passion for improvisation that has become one of his trademarks, Grégoire Maret lights up the stage of the 2013 Lotos Jazz Festival, alongside his talented band members. Born in Geneva, Switzerland, where he studied at the Conservatoire, he later moved to the US to collaborate with such legends of the jazz scene as Steve Coleman, Herbier Hancock, and Marcus Miller. Accompanied by pianist Federico González Peña, bassist Robert Kubiszyn, and drummer Clarence Penn, he delivers an elegant and masterful performance.

The quartet's extreme virtuosity, its capacity to combine different artistic approaches, as well as its musicality are a sight to behold in this recording. This concert reminds us of an essential element of jazz, which has allowed the genre to prosper and gain in popularity throughout the past century: friendship. Whatever the time period, small ensembles such as this one imply ties deeper that common artistry. It is this sentiment of genuine solidarity and care that is on display during this memorable musical moment.

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Año de producción: 2013
Duración: 59 min
Producción: Mezzo/Cinaps TV/Oléo Films
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