Fatoumata Diawara, Roberto Fonseca feat. Omara Portuondo and Mayra Andrade in Baloise Session

Baloise Session 2014

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Fatoumata Diawara — Cantante de jazz
Roberto Fonseca — Pianista
Omara Portuondo — Cantante de jazz
Mayra Andrade — Cantante de jazz

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Brought to our ears in Switzerland in 2014, this concert is a kaleidoscopic ode to African-Caribbean culture. Four main musicians, three of which are formidable singers, with varying nationalities and career paths team up for a passionate concert: Fatama Diawara, born in West Africa, who later started her career in Paris; Mayra Andrade, comfortable singing in many languages such as Spanish, Creole and Portuguese, first lived in Cuba before moving to Cape Verde, then finally to Paris; Omara Portuondo, vocalist with Cuban heritage who also happens to be the voice of the Buena Vista Social Club; finally, Roberto Fonseca, a Cuban pianist who has helped revolutionize modern-day jazz. This ‘one of a kind’ formation is the fruit of a fragrant mélange of culture and music. 

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Dirigido por:
Roli Bärlocher
Sede: Baloise Session (Basilea, Suiza)
Año de producción: 2014
Duración: 1 h 14 min
Producción: Baloise Session/RCF/CME/Cmajor
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