Erik Truffaz Quartet ft. Rokia Traoré in Paris

Jazz à la Villette 2016

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Eric Truffaz — Trompetista
Rokia Traoré — Cantante de jazz
Benoit Corboz — Pianista
Marcello Giuliani — Bajista
Arthur Hnatek — Baterista

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Meet us for a unique concert at the 2016 Jazz à la Villette Festival: Erik Truffaz and his quartet interpret their original compositions in an incredible collaboration with singer Rokia traoré. The latter is well know for her music influenced by the traditions of Western Africa, as well as her participation in the poignant 2005 tribute to Billie Holiday, titled Billie & Me. Both musicians are in perfect osmosis to create a sublime and flashy musical moment.

Erik Truffaz grew up in France, where he studied music at the Chambéry Conservatoire. It was there that he was introduced to jazz, notably through the works of Miles Davis, whose legendary album Kind of Blue, is credited as a major influence on Truffaz's career as well as his style of playing. Truffaz leapt to the center of the stage with his 2001 electro album simply named Erik Truffaz, and has been a fixture of the French musical scene ever since. His talent is on full display in this concert filled with joy, magic, and good vibes...

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Dirigido por:
Giuseppe de Vecchi
Año de producción: 2016
Producción: Oléo Films

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