North Sea Jazz Cruise episode 3: Texas Horns

North Sea Jazz Festival 2007

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Marcus Miller — Bajista
Roy Hargrove — Trompetista
The RH Factor — Pianista, trompetista, bajista, baterista, saxofonista, cantante de jazz
David Sanborn — Saxofonista
James Carter — Clarinetista, flautista, saxofonista
Kirk Whalum — Saxofonista
Roberta Gambarini — Cantante de jazz
Dj Logic
Grégoire Maret — Armónica
Keith Anderson — Guitarrista, cantante de jazz
Gerald Clayton — Pianista
Danton Boller — Contrabajista
Montez Coleman — Baterista
Justin Robinson — Saxofonista
Poogie Bell — Baterista
Dean Brown — Guitarrista
Bobby Sparks — Organista
Patches Stewart — Trompetista

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Discover part three, the penultimate installment, of the North Sea Jazz Cruise documentary, dedicated to Roy Hargrove, talented trumpeter of Texan origin who wielded a significant creative influence over the contemporary jazz scene before tragically passing away in New York in 2018. This episode of the four part series is particularly previous: it allows us to understand the character of Roy Hargrove, his views on the world, music, and the considerable contributions he made to his art before he left us, at the age of only 49...

Two bands are notably associated with his career: RH Factor, as well as his quintet with the illustrious Gerald Clayton on piano. Hargrove leaves a considerable legacy behind him, including standards such as Strasbourg Saint-Denis. This episode also focuses on saxophonist David Sanborn, through the eyes of bassist extraordinaire Marcus Miller. In addition to these fascinating testimonies and concert excerpts, many more treasures are hidden within this program !

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Dirigido por:
Patrick Savey
Año de producción: 2008
Producción: Zycopolis Productions/Mezzo/Trace TV