Chick Corea Piano Solo, Live in Munich 83'

Munich Summer Piano Festival 1983

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Chick Corea — Pianista

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This 1983 performance at the Munich Summer Piano Festival sees Chick return for a second solo concert in two years, demonstrating his singular brilliance in the rare moments where he wasn't playing as part of a due, trio, quartet or quintet ... instead positioning himself with only one accompanist – the piano – an instrument he pushed to its limits throughout a decades-long career. 

When Chick played the piano he drew on a wellspring of influences, from Mozart to rock to Latin and much, much more. Here, he pays tribute to some of the greats he took notes from, including Bud Powell on "Oblivion," the bebop giant who helped form his jazz instincts, the Russian composer Alexander Scriabin and his inventive fore-bearer Thelonious Monk, for the three tracks that finish the concert. Chick also offers original compositions, playing with the freedom, swing and daring that defined his style to his dying day.

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