Avishai Cohen Live in Paris

The New Morning 2019

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Avishai Cohen — Director musical, trompetista

Ziv Ravitz — Baterista

Yonatan Albalak — Guitarrista

Aviv Cohen — Baterista

Uzi Ramirez — Bajista

Patrick Savey — Realizador

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The New Morning venue in Paris is a legendary spot: over the years it has played host to Roy Hargrove’s last performance (as well as the inspiration behind his modern standard “Strasbourg St. Denis”), a mythical performance by Gil Scott-Heron when he was on the brink of prison and ruin as well as countless other moments that showcased the cutting edge of jazz, funk, soul and global music. It is a versatile history, one matched by the style that Avishai Cohen is known for. The Israeli trumpeter is a fusion master mixing rock, psychedelia, groove, jazz and electronic for a unique cocktail of modern music. 

Here, he plays his first European performance alongside his Big Vicious group, an outfit featuring the great Ziv Ravits and Aviv Cohen on drums, Uzi Ramirez on bass and Yonatan Albalak on the six string. It is an unusual and fascinating ensemble, with the two drummers working intricate rhythms into a melodic section that darts between styles while Avishai weaves a sonic tapestry at center stage. With an impeccable and slightly irreverent style, he is a musician who has contributed massively to the modern music landscape, first in Israel, then New York and then the world. Feverish, post-modern and uncompromising, he combines the harmonic sensitivity of Chet Baker with the rock’n’roll sentiment of Hendrix (according to Keren Ann, producer). This performance is a workshop in tension and release.

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