Verbier Festival: las estrellas ascendentes de la música clásica en los Alpes


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A breathtaking mountain backdrop and the big stars of classical music – that's the Verbier Festival.

Emerging talents and a who's who of the world's greatest musicians meet at the Verbier Festival. The young Chinese pianist Yuja Wang opened the 17th edition. The 23-year-old star is an exceptional talent, yet she remains very down to earth. "We are crazy musicians and we are all here in this little town, and we get to know each other and all these big names and they all show up as a real person to talk to you," she said. "All are nice and crazy. So it's very fun, definitely. It's the funniest place to be around in the summer."

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Sede: Festival de Verbier (Verbier, Suiza)
Año de producción: 2010
Fecha de grabación: 2010
Duración: 4 min
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