Martin Fröst: Entrevista

Verbier Festival 2013

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Martin Fröst — Clarinetista

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"The moment I'm touched by a musician is when I feel that the human voice comes through." (Martin Fröst)

After the fantastic Klezmer dance No. 3 he played for the 20th Anniversary of Verbier Festival, Martin Fröst met with the medici team to answer a few questions from the medici audience.

What does he think about when he is playing? or how he chose to play the clarinet among all the instruments? He also speaks about how he tries to enlarge the repertoire for his instrument. This interview is a way to discover more personnally one of the greatest clarinet players of our time!

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Tim Burgess
Año de producción: 2013
Duración: 4 min
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