Giacomo Puccini: El fin de la voz

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Olivier Asselin — Realizador

Monique Pagé — Música

Martin Dubé — Música

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Through documentary-style vignettes and choreographed movements inspired by famous arias for the voice and piano, The End of the Voice recounts the life story of Italian opera composer Giacomo Puccini while presenting his works – with the turn of the century as background.

Although Puccini is thought to be the last of the great traditional Italian opera composers, the attention he paid to the innovations brought about by the musical avant-garde, and his constant preoccupation with pleasing a large audience, also make him one of the first Moderns of his time. Born to a Tuscan family in which musical talent seemed to be passed on from generation to generation, Puccini discovers quite early in life his own musical passion: opera.

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