El rapto en el serallo: Documental

Salzburg Festival 2006 – Una hora en compañía de Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756-1791

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Stefan Herheim — Director de escena

Momme Hinrichs — Videasta

Torge Møller — Videasta

Charles Castronovo — Belmonte, a Spanish nobleman

Laura Aikin — Konstanze, betrothed to Belmonte

Valentina Farcas — Blonde, Konstanze's English maid

Dietmar Kerschbaum — Pedrillo, Belmonte's servant

Franz Hawlata — Osmin, overseer for the Pasha

Ivor Bolton — Director

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In 2006, the Mozart22 project took place in honor of the 250th anniversary of the composer's birth. It was a major project to recreate the twenty-two operas and oratorios composed by Mozart. This documentary goes behind the scenes of the production of Ascanio in Alba at that time.

The Salzburg Festival of 2006 gathered the best specialists of the Mozart repertoire - singers, conductors and directors - to interpret this unique selection of works.

The young Konstanze, bride of Belmonte, is a prisoner of the Turkish Pasha Selim, with her maid and Pedrillo's lover. The two young women are selected from the Seraglio under the thumb of cruel Osmin keeper. With the help of Pedrillo, they manage to foment a plot to liberate his fiancee and her maid. Meanwhile, the Pasha Selim strives to seduce Constance...

The Abduction from the Seraglio, highly acclaimed for its creation in 1782 in Vienna, is the first lyrical masterpiece sung in German that Mozart wrote at the age of 26.

Through the eyes of director, performers (Charles Castronovo in Belmonte, Konstanze Laura Aikin in ...) and the conductor (Ivor Bolton), the documentary explores the amazing production and very avant-garde this opera, with a staging where codes are deconstructed.

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