Dido y Eneas – Encuentro con Wayne McGregor

Documental sobre la producción de la Royal Opera House, 2009

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Wayne McGregor — Stage director of Dido and Aeneas in Covent Garden

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This acclaimed new interpretation of Purcell's most loved opera is a fusion of music and movement in settings of richly layered design and atmospheric lighting, musically and dramatically contrasting the supernatural with the personal.

Æneas, the Trojan Prince after the burning of his city is sent by the gods to Italy to found a new town. On his way, he is shipwrecked in Carthage where he meets Dido, the queen. They both fall in love but Dido, out of loyalty to her city and to her dead husband, does not want to declare her feelings. She finally surrenders and the chorus celebrates the couple's betrothal. The Sorceress who is jealous plots the queen's death and conjures a storm. The couple is separated and Æneas is summoned to leave Carthage to accomplish his mission. Dido kills herself because she cannot take Æneas' departure.

Wayne McGregor's production of Dido and Æneas was premiered in 2006 at La Scala. He returned to this piece when he became Resident Choreographer of the Royal Ballet. In cooperation with the Royal Opera, he aimed at reflecting the timelessness of this opera through dance and a particular aesthetic. In this interview, the choreographer explains his passionate relation with this work.

  • Watch Wayne Mc Gregor's production here!

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