World Premiere of GAMA (extract) and OMAGUA by Pauchi Sasaki, Philip Glass' protégée

Rolex Arts Weekend

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Claire Chase — Speaker Dress No. 2 and Flutes

Jennifer Curtis — Violin soloist

Kyle Armbrust — Violista

Paul Wiancko — Violonchelista

Samuel Hertz — Contrabajista

Aleksandra Šuklar — Percussion, Piano

Gabriel Mujica — Peruvian Cajón

Nomi Sasaki — Artistic Production, Presentador, Chinese Ink

Omar Lavalle — Animation and Visual Programming

Juan Carlos Yanaura — Animation and Post Production

Franklin Quintanilla — Lighting Design and Programming

Omar Valladolid — Violinist's costume

Sobre el programa...

As part of the Rolex Arts Weekend, a world premiere performance of composer, intermedia artist and Rolex music protégée Pauchi Sasaki’s GAMA (a composition with two speaker dresses) and OMAGUA introduced by her mentor Philip Glass, live from the stage of Berlin’s Deutsches Theater!

The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative is an exciting international mentoring program that brings together emerging and master artists from seven disciplines (cinema, literature, theater, music, dance, fine arts, and architecture) for a year of collaboration and creative exchange. The program culminates in the Rolex Arts Weekend, a two-day arts festival welcoming guests from around the world to a series of public events showcasing the work perfected by the mentor-protégé pairs. This year’s Rolex Arts Weekend takes place on February 3 and 4 in the dynamic cultural capital of Berlin, and features the seven mentor-protégé pairs of the 2016-2017 initiative.

Photo: Pauchi Sasaki © Rolex / Bart Michiels

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