Riccardo Chailly dirige el Concierto para violín de Chaikovski — Con Julian Rachlin

Orquesta de la Gewandhaus de Leipzig

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Julian Rachlin — Violinista

Orquesta de la Gewandhaus de Leipzig

Riccardo Chailly — Director

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Don't hesitate another second—watch this incredible concert from Leipzig's famous Gewandhaus, featuring virtuoso violinist Julian Rachlin and maestro Riccardo Chailly! The program spotlights two of history's greatest composers, Tchaikovsky and Bach, whose scores allow the soloist to demonstrate his technical prowess and artistry, especially in the dazzling solo passages.

The concert opens with Tchaikovsky's sweeping Violin Concerto in D Major, a singular work of great difficulty and astonishing emotional power, and one of the most formidable challenges in the whole violin repertoire. The concerto was written following a grave existential crisis in the life of the composer, before the young violinist Josef Kotek provided Tchaikovsky with newfound inspiration in his life and work. Rachlin concludes the evening with the Largo of Bach's Violin Sonata No. 3 in C, a stark solo interpretation following the apotheosis of the Tchaikovsky concerto, resounding beautifully and plaintively in the storied hall.

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